Amecomi Yamaguchi DeadPool Action Figure Review

Amecomi Yamaguchi DeadPool Action Figure Review


The recent, US-made superhero, Deadpool, with the popularity of his movie's rising made a debut in the industry of action figures. A cheap and cute temptation that everyone loves. He's made a huge reputation as his own character after everyone was able to know more about his character.

He was not very much interesting as a comic book character before because the comics only targeted to a limited amount of audience while the movies were basically targeted to everyone; that's how he made his debut.

Ryan Reynolds, the actor from the Deadpool movie also deserves a whole lot of credit for popularizing this character. His voice has pretty much become the best voice you can imagine whenever you see Deadpool on-screen or anywhere else, especially this Amecomi Yamaguchi DeadPool Action Figure.


If you've read the comics before, the iconic marvel comics style of illustration can be seen on the box. It definitely does not disappoint a veteran comic reader. Preserving comic tones and fonts were also one of the greatest ideas the designers for the box has ever made. The design on the box is pretty much professional so we can move on to the next feature.

This illustration can also be seen in the comics. As I said, the awesome looking tones are just very good for the eyes. I cannot stress this enough but it really gives a feeling of nostalgia for veteran comic readers and gives even the packaging a whole lot of mood to it.

Overall, the design already attracts it’s perfect customers so I would say it targets the right demographic, aesthetically. The color scheme of the package also has a nice vintage comic theme to it because of those nice grungy brown textures. The color scheme pretty much feels like a good combination to me.


Inside the box, we can obviously see a lot of features here.

Hand configuration:

Body X1

Bracket x1

Landing effects X1

Scabbard x1

Knife X2

Pistol x2

Replace head x1

Replace hand x8

Replace eye x8

Replace tool X1

Take a hand into play a little talk about my feelings:

In addition to the head, joints are more tight than the other joints and are not loose nor loose,

The Painting also has also no problems so it's a pass.

The head expression of the action figure is divided into two types:

The Normal Face and the Flat Face.

This is the tool you can use to replace the eyes of the action figure.

Eyes can be replaced by tools provided in the action figure.

Eye accessories are: flirtatious face, serious eyes, angry eyes, indifferent eyes.

Think about the combinations you can do with the replaceable tools here. The amount of customization available in the action figure already attracts me. The head expression can be combined with a rich expression package (forget the map here to make use of the box diagram make up). Deadpool’s eyes can make a variety of expressions if you have the right imagination for it so good luck with that.

Two pistols, nothing more to say about that so let's focus on the Scabbard.

Ah yes, the iconic Deadpool sword, his handy double-wield Scabbard when he does not have any more bullets for his handy range-fighting pistols. In the movie, I can recall that he used his trusty scabbards to cut off his hand to escape from Collosus and successfully leaving a remnant of a funny shaped cut-off hand which leaves Collosus baffled.

If you’ve watched the movie, you’d know what I mean. That definitely gave the whole movie theater a good laugh. Anyway, moving on.

The Scabbard is designed to rotate around a certain degree of angle adjustment.

However, the handle is only used for decoration and cannot be used to accept the knife. The shape of the handle's figure is rather special, just like the key to align the figure.


Deadpool’s action figure already has a nice and well defined physique. I don’t have any problems about how the sculpting on this figure looks with the clothing except from the fact that the hands kind of remind me of Rayman. Although, it might be necessary for the action figure’s functionality.

It’s pretty much not a major red flag, it’s more like watching a play with the obvious props to give more functionality to it which outweighs all negative things and fuel your imagination even more. Everything else is pretty much a pass for me.

The action figure's height is 16cm, the feeling is almost a 1/11 ratio.

This Deadpool's medium and large joints do not use the same kind of twist.

Flattering Yamaguchi-roulette joints. However, there are still some benefits, at least not to force an Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD).


The colors are actually pretty good for a very functional action figure. It’s not the best but it’s not amateur either. I like the shine it has for Deadpool’s red and black colors just because highlights definitely make the action figure pop out a lot more.

The shine also greatly benefits the sword’s textures so it would look more metallic and overall a dangerous tool to deal with when Deadpool has his hands on them. Overall, the colors are also a pass for me and they are great on this action figure. When paired with great lighting, the colors would definitely pop out and saturate in the best way possible.

In summary, this section is quite good hands-on. Because there is no mask set face, you can play first-class experience. Playing with this action figure is pretty much very doable. It's very worthwhile to start with.

The value on this action figure outweighs every price you can consider on it. So it's definitely going to be worth for your money.

This blog post already provided you with a lot of insights to what the Deadpool action figure can do. The images here might also give you an idea on how to make those variety of poses and expressions you can do with this very versatile action figure. Definitely a lot of funny stuff you can make Deadpool do. A little bit of Photo-editing and you can create the best-looking Deadpool images.

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