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Top 50 Hot Anime Girls of 2018

Top 50 Hot Anime Girls of 2018

by Zach Johnson

Anime titles of this year are really promising. With that, it also brings a hardcore amount of characters that could potentially be your favorite. Otakus, weaboos, or simply anime fans alike are looking forward to the most awesome anime characters this year. Women usually have a better charisma than men do so why don’t we put all the best girl characters in anime this year. This list will feature the hottest anime girls featured in the anime titles of 2018.

We won’t just list them because of their shallow physique and sex appeal but also by personality, likeability, and other factors that make them “hot” and overall appealing.


Anime: Overlord


This woman isn’t just a sexually appealing mythical humanoid creature. She’s also a fateful servant of Momonga-sama who particularly loves him becoming one of the best Yanderes in anime history. She’s a strong and independent woman showcasing her ability in battle while also being superior to most men in the series.

She’s a woman with beautiful black hair, a beauty with the face of a goddess, and eyes that have appealing golden irises. She wears a pure white dress and silky gloves. She has a slender and perfectly beautiful body that makes her very much sexually appealing.

Albedo is overall hot in different aspects because of her interesting and unique personality. She also shoots through the roof with her impeccable beauty and physique. She’s also a smart and tactical woman with experiences in combat being the servant of a ruler of a kingdom.

2.Violet Evergarden

Anime: Violet Evergarden


Violet Evergarden is an Auto Memories Doll which are basically robots that can do tasks. The show has an interesting take on this with making the protagonist as such.

She has long blonde hair with bangs. She’s definitely a beautiful woman inspired with a Caucasian descent of fair skin, hair, long eyelashes, and blue eyes. She also has a fairly slender and proportionate body.

Violet grew up as a weapon because most Auto Memories Dolls were rented out to take out military services. She’s very obedient and has fairly quiet personality that really adds up to her charisma in a way.

Overall, Violet has definite charm in appearance and background.


Anime: One Punch Man


Fubuki is just undeniably hot. Her figure definitely has a huge sex appeal and the outfit she wears only emphasizes and complements her body structure. As an opposite to her sister, Tatsumaki, she definitely has huge breasts that stand out even when you don’t try to look at them.

Beyond her curvaceous and intimidating appearance, she has a very adorable side to her as she shows the soft side of her personality to some people. She isn’t just beautiful after all, she’s shown several times of being level headed and possessing good deduction skills.

Although this woman would be almost perfect, she still acknowledges her sister’s superiority to her power. However, we all know that Fubuki wins on hotness by a landslide.


Anime: One Punch Man


Tatsumaki like her sister is also hot, but that could also be debatable. As she is described multiple times in the series as a “child” by Genos and Saitama. Her loli factor really doesn’t come short to the best lolis in anime though. Her hotness is absolutely and clearly seen by lolicons while some don’t even see her sex appeal.

She’s a petite woman with emerald green eyes and wears a black dress with slits that show off her slender legs. Although, her personality is mostly very annoying because of her deserving overconfidence of her power.

She’s a determined a strong woman. Overall, her hotness can also be subjective but she is undeniably beautiful and superior than her sister in terms of power and intellect.

5.Touka Kirishima

Anime: Tokyo Ghoul


Touka is a slender teenage girl with dark purplish hair that covers the other side of her face. Her facial features are very well-defined and sharp which makes her seem intimidating yet attractive at the same time. Appearance-wise, Touka is very much above average because of her overall frame.

Touka has a fairly quiet personality which makes her charismatic. She’s mostly serious but has an adorable side that makes her brighten up to people she chooses to. She also shows a lot of compassion for the people she loves and want to protect.

Overall, Touka combines a unique and charismatic personality with a beautiful appearance.

6.Erina Nakiri

Anime: Shokugeki no Soma


Erina Nakiri is a very attractive girl and is considered to be extremely and most beautiful by the students of Totsuki Academy. She has a large bust like most of the characters in the entire series. Since the anime is ecchi, there are several scenes and moments where Erina’s sex appeal was just over the roof especially when she’s eating deliciously tasting food.

She has a great reputation in the culinary world despite her young age due to her rare and unique ability of tasting food with meticulous detail which is nicknamed as the “God Tongue”.

She isn’t just a hot and attractive girl, her cooking skills and intellect in the culinary field are unrivalled. Overall, Erina is ridiculously beautiful and has accomplished amazing feats for her reputation.

7.Alice Nakiri

Anime: Shokugeki no Soma


Alice Nakiri is Erina’s maternal cousin. Relating by blood, both of them are undeniably beautiful. Alice Nakiri, however, possesses more western or Scandinavian qualities thanks to her mother. She has attractive red eyes and short silver hair. Her sex appeal is also way over the roof as she also has a large bust similar to Erina.

Often, overwhelmed by Erina’s cooking skill, Alice also compensates for becoming her own style of chef by becoming an expert in molecular gastronomy. She’s obviously very adept in the culinary field as she is one of the chefs that are acknowledged in her generation.

Alice also has adorable sides similar to Erina and seems to always transform into her cartoon face all the time throughout the series combined with her adorable voice when she nags Ryo and other characters in the series.

Overall, she is a woman with charisma and skill in the field of cooking.

8.Kobayashi Rindo

Anime: Shokugeki no Soma

    Kobayashi Rindo has a long flowing scarlet. She has yellow eyes that seem to look like cat-eyes and teeth with little fangs similar to a cat. She also seems to have a fairly above average bust and slender and perfectly proportionate figure. As a third year, she definitely doesn’t disappoint as an attractive senior figure to the lower levels.

    She’s extremely whimsical and carefree, often just goofing around with Yukihira, Terunori, and Eishi.

    Being the second seat of the Elite Ten Council, she’s obviously very adept in cooking despite her whimsical personality. Her personality is overall interesting and her beautiful charm only adds up more to her hotness.

    9.Arato Hisako

    Anime: Shokugeki no Soma


    Arato Hisako is the secretary of Erina Nakiri. She’s a loyal friend and always loves to serve and be by Erina’s side. She’s a chef that specializes in medicinal cooking.

    She has a short pink hair with bangs and a fairly curvaceous body figure. She doesn’t normally wear anything too revealing but her charm does appeal to a significant amount of people. She seems to be a woman with class and a lot of intellect which is sexy in a different way.

    She’s not only an impressive cook but her time management and secretarial skills are also very impressive as she is only a high school student but still able to focus on different tasks and organize them.

    Overall, Hisako is one of those women in anime that people would consider as “waifu material”.

    10.Ikumi Mito

      Anime: Shokugeki no Soma

      Ikumi Mito is another skilled chef in the anime, Shokugeki no Soma. She was a rival of Yukihira and became an ally of his after the Shokugeki or Duel between them.

      Ikumi is very much exposed to the beat industry and has specialized her cooking style in them showing her knowledge in different types of meat in meticulous detail. She wears an outfit that reveals a lot of skin and flaunts a huge sex appeal. Her outfit can also be considered to be inspired by American culture.

      She has an adorable personality which can be seen whenever she’s with Yukihira and an interesting charisma towards other people. Being a leader of the club Don RS, she was able to lead them all and inspire the other members as well.

      11.Leonora Nakiri

        Anime: Shokugeki no Soma


        Leonora is the Research Division Head of Nakiri International. Being Alice’s mother, her beauty from her Scandinavian descent were inherited by her daughter. She has long and straight silver hair similar to her daughter with a face similar to a goddess. Her outfits are always prestigious, often looking like someone from a royal monarch family.

        She has a fairly sexy and curvaceous figure for a mother and maintains a very younger-looking appearance. She definitely has a huge se appeal as well.

        Being the Research Division Head, she’s also very intelligent and her personality is very similar to her daughter’s because of their flighty expressions.

        12.Shigeno Kuraki

          Anime: Shokugeki no Soma


          Shigeno Kuraki is only often seen as a judge for Shokugekis or Duels in the series. However, that little screen time doesn’t cut her short to showing off her hotness in the series. She has a cultured Japanese appearance, often wearing a kimono as seen in the anime. She also has a fairly large bust as seen when she’s tasting deliciously tasting food and goes on a thrilling mental experience.

          There’s not much to describe about her but much to say that she is one of the most beautiful adults in the anime. It’s not often to see a beautifully designed character only to play a role as an extra.

          Overall, this woman is definitely hot and a little bit mysterious.

          13.Tadokoro Megumi

            Anime: Shokugeki no Soma


            Tadokoro Megumi is one of the best girls in the series. She has long dark blue hair with two braided pigtails. Although most of her features appearance-wise are fairly simple and plain, she’s a determined girl with a great personality and likeability.

            It is indeed hot for a woman to have a determination and ambition for their dreams. She’s a very helpful member of the Polar Star Dormitory and has been of great influence to the plot of the story. There are also a lot of times where Megumi is showcasing a handful of sexual appeal in the show.

            Overall, Megumi is a girl with determination and ambition. A woman with those simple things are enough to be considered hot.

            14.Miyoko Hojo

              Anime: Shokugeki no Soma


              Miyoko Hojo is an underrated and probably unnoticed character in the series. She has an immense amount of sex appeal and overall a beautiful woman. She specializes in Chinese Cuisine which is especially emphasized by her cooking uniform that showcases a Chinese culture inspired dress that preserves her sexiness.

              Miyoko has purple eyes and hair. She has a curvaceous yet slender body and large breasts like most of the female characters in the series. She is also a humble and strong-willed person who holds true to her convictions, personalities like these are definitely hot beyond the shallow standpoint of looking at appearances. Her convictions also include feminism in a way.

              Overall, she’s a very beautiful character with great dignity which makes her sexy a lot of aspects.

              15.Ryoko Sakaki


                Anime: Shokugeki no Soma


                Ryoko Sakaki is definitely one of the most hottest female characters in Shokugeki no Soma. She has a slender body figure and a very large bust. Her hair is one of the most charming things about her which goes down to about her waist. She always looks so neat and appealing.

                She’s a gentle and kind member of the Polar Star Dormitory. It’s not just her figure that looks mature, her personality is also mature and calm. She helps out most of her dorm-mates and always very friendly towards other people. She’s definitely earned her reputation to be the “Big Sis” of the dorm.

                Overall, Ryoko can also be considered as “waifu material” because she’s just precious.

                16.Rias Gremory

                  Anime: High School DxD


                  Rias Gremory is probably the hottest character in High School DxD just because of her beautiful personality and physique. She’s the main love interest of the protagonist, Issei. She’s a gentle, kind, and passionate devil. Since the concept of the anime is a little bit distorted with which one is good and bad, it could definitely be conflicting to fall in love with this devil.

                  Being a devil, she definitely is a tempting challenge to face simply because of her overwhelming sex appeal. She definitely is passionate about her own life and goals which is one of the sexiest things about women.

                  Overall, her red hair and the concept of her design complement a lot about her physical features and the background of her story. She has a little bit of depth to her which makes her interesting and hot.

                  17.Akeno Himejima

                    Anime: High School DxD


                    Being one of Kuoh Academy’s Two Great Ladies, Akeno Himejima definitely deserves the title that she earned for this overwhelmingly sexy charm. She’s a young woman with a buxom figure around the same age as Rias. Her black hair and violet eyes really emphasizes her gentleness and calm external figure. Like most of the characters in the series, she has a very huge bust.

                    She has an interesting personality while being an elegant and gentle girl but also turning into a sadist when in combat. It’s also interesting that Akeno has some masochism in her.

                    Overall, Akeno is the more mature member of their group and seems to be the most reliable one as well.

                    18.Koneko Toujou

                      Anime: High School DxD


                      Koneko Toujou is the loli and petite girl in the anime. She does differ from the other girls because of her appearance but definitely doesn’t cut short to be on par with the other characters’ hotness.

                      She mostly resembles a cat hence the “neko” in her name. She initially does have a quiet and cold personality. Although overtime, she does open up to Issei.

                      Her hotness is more turned into the cuteness factor because of her loli factor. Her personality also has a little bit of depth to it because she shows the most concern for her comrades compared to the others. Her compassion for her comrades is definitely one of the hottest qualities about her.

                      19.Asia Argento

                        Anime: High School DxD


                        Asia Argento is one of the many female characters in Issei’s harem in High School DxD. She’s a shy, innocent, and precious member of the crew.

                        Asia’s physical appearance features a shiny blonde hair and green eyes which are absolutely enchanting. As she was a nun, despite being killed by a Fallen Angel and resurrected by a devil, she still believes in God and follows His teachings. She holds very true to her beliefs and it would usually result o her getting severe headaches. She’s a girl who treats everyone equally and is so compassionate towards everyone as she harbored no hatred towards anyone, even Devils.

                        Overall, she’s a precious and innocent member of the crew who’s very compassionate towards everyone which makes her hot in even the abstract of aspects.

                        20.Elizabeth Liones

                          Anime: The Seven Deadly Sins


                          Elizabeth Liones is a graceful and gentle young lady. She has a selfless attitude and bravery to help others.

                          Elizabeth isn’t only beautiful at heart but also beautiful in appearance. She seems to be tall comparing to other characters and has a long, silver hair that reaches her waist. Her eyes are enchantingly blue that turns to orange when she manifests the powers of the Goddess Clan. She wears a fair amount of clothing that doesn’t seem to cover a lot of her skin that makes her very sexy. She’s always seen being harassed by Meliodas, but actually doesn’t mind or resist, even believing in his obviously dumb excuses. Despite being a princess, she treats everyone with a lot of respect, even addressing the Seven Deadly Sins with titles such as lord and lady.

                          Overall, She’s an honorable person with great dignity and compassion which makes her hot in a lot of aspects.

                          21.Nemuri Kayama (Midnight)

                            Anime: My Hero Academia


                            Midnight is a notably curvaceous woman with long black hair and blue eyes. Her costume emphasizes her breasts, body, and legs as a sexy hero which she was also known for as the 18+ only Hero “Midnight”. She definitely seems to be a very adult and mature hero in appearance. Her personality does seem to differ as she is a very playful and flirtatious person. Like the etiquette of treating women, she gets angry whenever someone mentions her age.

                            Her having a whip-like weapon also showcases her sadistic side as she enjoys dominating others. She enjoys dressing and acting sexily even in front of young students.

                            Overall, she’s a woman you never want to mess with. She’s very dominating but very hot at the same time which gives off the sexual innuendo of lustful kinkiness in bed.

                            22.Yu Takeyama (Mt. Lady)

                              Anime: My Hero Academia


                              Mt. Lady is one of the hottest adult heroes seen in My Hero Academia. She’s a voluptuous woman with long hair and a skintight bodysuit that emphasizes her sexiness. Her quirk is Giganifiction which allows her to grow to a gigantic size. Her quirk is just perfect for her voluptuous physique and makes her a whole lot hotter when she’s bigger.

                              She loves the attention she gets as a hero and has shown to take the fame from another hero by stealing a win against a villain. She also seems to love using her sex appeal to gain more attention which definitely makes her hot.

                              Overall, Mt. Lady is just a whole bag of sex appeal which makes her just plain hot in the basic definition of it.

                              23.Ibara Shiozaki

                                Anime: My Hero Academia


                                Ibara Shiozaki is a student in Class 1-B and probably one of the underrated school goddesses because of her charm. She seems to be inspired of a mother nature look because of her appearance as a young woman with long, green, thorn covered vines for hair and another set of vines wrapped around her forehead that resembles a crown for her.

                                She’s hot because of her modest and courteous personality. She’s a graceful and soft spoken girl and it not afraid to make her pure intentions known. Her gentle personality is definitely one of the sexiest things about her because of her appearance and vibe inspired by a mother nature appearance depicted into a human with powers.

                                24.Ochako Uraraka

                                  Anime: My Hero Academia


                                  Ochako Uraraka has a fairly simple and plain design. She doesn’t really seem to be as hot as most the anime characters featured in this list but she does have a lot of things going for her.

                                  To start things off, her appearance is obviously plain but she does have fairly huge bust for her age. She has a fit physique especially compensating for the lack of combat in her powers so that she can fight better. She’s petite and slender with big round brown eyes that really show her cuteness.

                                  Beyond her appearance, she has a great depth as a character. Over the course of the series, she’s shown deep love and care for her parents as she took the hero course for her parent’s happiness which makes her self-less. She’s overall, just a caring classmate and a friend. She works hard and is very cooperative with her peers.

                                  25.Momo Yaoyorozu

                                    Anime: My Hero Academia


                                    Momo Yaoyorozu is one of the most mature students seen in Class 1-A. Her physique is seen to be very mature and also being one of the tallest members of Class 1-A.

                                    She’s a very intelligent student and acts very maturely in most situations. She’s seen to be very helpful towards her classmates by helping them study for their tests. Despite belonging from a rich and prestigious family, she seems to stay humble and has a precious personality because of growing up pampered in a prestigious environment. She’s also very humble with her powers and often acknowledging others’ powers instead of hers.

                                    Overall, she’s a precious and innocent girl but is also gifted with amazing qualities including her physique.

                                    26.Mikasa Ackerman

                                      Anime: Attack on Titan


                                      Mikasa Ackerman is one of the hottest characters in Attack on Titan both because of her personality and appearance. She has a very fit and well-defined body that’s trained for combat and maneuver. Her strength as a female has shown to be better than most of the men in the series.

                                      She’s fairly quiet and mysterious. Although, it could also be seen that she has a very mature personality because she’s calm in most situations. She does show off an adorable side whenever she worries about Eren and acts differently towards him. She’s serious most of the time and very intelligent when making her decisions. She’s a capable woman on her own even without the help of her peers.

                                      Overall, Mikasa is definitely one of the most badass females I’ve ever seen in anime.

                                      27.Mei Aihara

                                        Anime: Citrus


                                        Mei Aihara is one of the main characters in the anime who is the Student Council president of their school.

                                        She has a straight, silky black hair and enchanting purple eyes. She has a physique that’s above average for a high school student with a slender body and noticeably taller height. She has a personality that appears to be cold and ruthless. She also has a few negative personalities due to her father abandoning her. She does, however, have a sensitive and emotional side that manifests often. She’s an adorable character but has a few negative characteristics but does develop throughout the series.

                                        28.Yuzu Aihara

                                          Anime: Citrus


                                          Yuzu Aihara is Mei Aihara’s older step sister. She’s a teenage girl with dyed chestnut blonde hair and emerald green eyes. In contrast to Mei’s personality, Yuzu is daring and often optimistic. She’s usually rebellious with the school’s rules and often leading into problems with the Student Council.

                                          Her personality is similar to that of someone who’s just bored. With hard work, she is shown to accomplish surprising tasks like good grades in tests. She does care about the people she loves. She’s an overall interesting character to contrast with her older step sister. Her sister being the Student Council President, while her being a whimsical rebellious girl.

                                          29.Harumi Taniguchi

                                            Anime: Citrus


                                            Harumi Taniguchi is the best friend of Yuzu. Since they are best friends, they do share similar personalities like being humorous, kind, and easy-going. They both enjoy things that are prohibited by their school’s regulations. For her age, she has a rather big chest. She usually avoids trouble because she’s afraid of being hurt, despite enjoying to go against the school’s regulations.

                                            She has a plum hair color in the manga and a dark auburn in the anime. She also has a hazel pupil color. She does seem to be plain in school but very fashionable when outside of it.

                                            30.Matsuri MIzusawa

                                              Anime: Citrus


                                              Matsuri MIzusawa has an exterior that seems to give her a sly personality because she enjoys teasing others mainly Yuzu and Harumi. She tends to be manipulative like Mei. There’s a lot of depth into her character and reasons why she can be mischievous at times.

                                              Matsuri has a light pink and blue eye color that really makes her stand out in the series because of these bright colors. She’s hot in a sense of being casual because her fashion sense is more delinquent of sorts. She always with her phone and commonly wears a pair of headphones. To some people this is definitely attractive.

                                              31.Hotaru Shidare

                                                Anime: Dagashi Kashi


                                                Hotaru Shidare is one of the main characters of Dagashi Kashi. She is very passionate about dagashi because her father owns a famous sweets company. There are several times in the series where Hotaru doesn’t even realize she’s doing something that’s sexually appealing. Her cluelessness usually leads her to some situations that have very sexual innuendos which make her really hot.

                                                She has a unique lilac-colored hair and blue eyes. She wears a white blouse and black skirt that fits her very well. Her large bust can also not go unnoticed.

                                                Her personality is very much interesting as she always hangs out with Kokonotsu while always being clueless about how she acts around him as she overwhelms Kokonotsu’s teenage hormones all the time. Since she’s so passionate about dagashi, she doesn’t even care about how ridiculous she eats them even though she gets really dirty afterwards.

                                                32.Narumi Momose

                                                  Anime: Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii


                                                  Narumi Momose is already a working adult with a lot of things to worry about like adulting. Her personality is still almost similar to a teenage girl who loves anime. Ever since childhood, she’s always been into being an otaku.
                                                  Narumi possesses charming brown eyes and pinkish hair. Even though she’s an adult she still has a child-like personality which you’d probably think she isn’t an adult. Her charming child-like personality in an adult’s body is also the factor that adds up to her hotness. Over the course of the series, she also has some pretty weird kinks about her adult life.

                                                  Overall, she’s just a goofy and whimsical character but also has a very emotional side that adds a lot of depth into her character especially in her relationship.

                                                  33.Hanako Koyanagi

                                                    Anime: Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii


                                                    Hanako Koyanagi is also another adult from the anime. She’s pretty tall for a female with noticeably large bust. She looks very mature physically and especially because she wears an outfit fitting for a working adult. Her personality is frighteningly funny in a sense that she possesses the common woman stereotype of sarcasm and not exactly meaning what she says.

                                                    She’s one of the sexiest characters in the series and despite her mature and intimidating exterior, she also has a very emotional side and it is absolutely adorable on her. She also has a tomboyish side which is seen whenever she’s goofing around with Narumi to make their boyfriends jealous.

                                                    Overall, she’s a very interesting character and she’s absolutely, stunningly sexy.

                                                    34.Karen Kohiruimaki

                                                      Anime: Sword Art Online Alternative Gun Gale Online


                                                      Karen Kohiruimaki is actually a 183cm tall woman in real life which is fairly tall for a Japanese woman, but in Gun Gale Online, she’s less than 150cm tall. She basically becomes a loli whenever she enters the world of virtual reality.

                                                      She’s left socializing from the real world and turned into an introvert secluding herself to reading, music, and playing her game. She doesn’t have much charm in fashion because of her lack of interest so she wears fairly rough and simply clothing.

                                                      Karen isn’t really much charming in a lot of aspects except for her personality because she seems to be a straightforward, serious, and persistent girl who knows what she wants.


                                                        Anime: Sword Art Online Alternative Gun Gale Online


                                                        Pitohui is a friend of Karen in the game Gun Gale Online. She’s a tall woman with height easily exceeding 175cm. She has a slender face and body that have sharp features. Her muscles in her figure pop out enough to disregard her feminine charm which however looks very attractive to some people.

                                                        She’s a frank and cheerful person. She’s a  huge gun maniac in-game as she always likes to collect different kinds of guns.

                                                        Overall, she’s one of those characters that is a definition of a “badass”. Her physical features already define her as a female badass while also being hot at the same time.

                                                        36.Shino Asada

                                                          Anime: Sword Art Online


                                                          Shino Asada is a player from GGO that has transitioned into playing Alfheim Online. Her real life appearance looks like her avatar only with a dark hair and eyes. Her avatar maintains a similar hairstyle but a little bit more fuzzy and colored blue. Ever since she was introduced in the series, she was an overall interesting character to get used to.

                                                          She’s a calm and cool person who’s generally friendly with everyone. The best thing about Shino is her personality and way of being genuine. She’s hot in a way beyond appearances but she does possess her own sexual appeal with her ALO avatar as she resembles an adorable cat and seems to embrace and act like one.

                                                          37.Asuna Yuuki

                                                            Anime: Sword Art Online


                                                            Asuna Yuuki has been one of the all-time favorite characters in Sword Art Online probably because she’s the main love interest of the main character. The first season of Sword Art Online featured a great story that didn’t seem forced compared to the other seasons which defined a lot of Asuna’s likeability and personality.

                                                            Asuna has a slender body and possesses physical features that are above average. Her hazel-colored hair and eyes also add up to her charm. Above everything else, her personality is one of the best qualities about her character that truly make her hot. She’s proven multiple times over the course of the series that she’s “waifu material”.

                                                            38.Suguha Kirigaya

                                                              Anime: Sword Art Online


                                                              Suguha Kirigaya is Kazuto’s cousin and adoptive sister and she has shown to have forbidden feelings for him. On the scale of hotness, her physical features are through the roof as she was exposed to kendo and possesses a noticeably large bust. Even her character in ALfiem Online has a huge bust.

                                                              Her personality doesn’t come short either. She’s an absolutely adorable character with a lot of moments that also make her “waifu material”. She loves her brother very much and has always shown that she’s a caring sister. She’s also upbeat and outgoing as she is probably one of the most friendlier characters in the series.

                                                              Overall, she’s a precious girl for her age and is one of the hottest characters in Sword Art Online so far.

                                                              39.Zero Two

                                                                Anime: Darling in the FranXX


                                                                Zero Two has long pink hair and a pair of horns on her head. She’s the tallest girl amongst the characters in the series and about the same height as Hiro. Her eyes have a shade of cyan. She has a pale skin and fairly thin figure but also not too thin. She looks undeniably attractive, appearance-wise.

                                                                Her personality is described as dangerous yet alluring. She appears to like sweet tasting food as she pours a good amount of honey on her food before eating eat as seen in episode 2. She’s definitely a mysterious character which only make her hotter.


                                                                  Anime: Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody


                                                                  Nana is one of Satou’s slaves which are actually all female. He created a huge harem by gathering women like Nana. Just from afar, the very first impression you would give Nana is her very large bust.

                                                                  Nana has appealing green eyes and blonde hair. There’s not much to say about her appearance. She’s a perfectly mature looking woman with a huge sex appeal. However, she is actually less than a year old but still spears like an 18 year old.

                                                                  Overall, Nana is one of the hottest female characters in the series because of her mature looking figure and huge sex appeal.

                                                                  41.Ringrande Oyugock

                                                                  Anime: Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody


                                                                  Ringrande Oyugock is a woman with true beauty being a daughter of the Oyugock family. She has intense beauty with flowing silver hair. Her facial features are well defined that she’s just over the roof in terms of her beauty. On top of that, she has a perfectly slender, fit, and curvaceous figure as she was exposed to a lot of physical activity being a genius at swordsmanship and magic.

                                                                  She isn’t just through the roof with her appearance, her accomplishments and reputation make her a whole lot hotter. She’s a talented girl who’s obtained a bachelor’s degree in two years and mastered different kinds of magic in advanced levels. Overall, she’s just the perfect and accomplished girl paired with incomparable beauty.


                                                                    Anime: Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody


                                                                    Liza is another one of Satou’s slaves. Although her race is somewhat related to a Lizard, it doesn’t affect how hot she is at all. She’s a fairly tall woman with a great body and beautiful face. She’s a beauty that possesses red hair and enchanting blue eyes. Her flowing red hair goes beyond her waist and it flows almost making her resemble a dragon thanks to her race of being a Lizard demi-human.

                                                                    She’s another one of those women you could consider “waifu material” because she’s beautiful and knows how to cook. Overall, she’s a great and hot woman despite the being a Lizard demi-human.

                                                                    43.Karina Muno

                                                                      Anime: Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody


                                                                      Karina Muno is beautiful young woman who is a blood relative of the Oyugock duke house, therefore making her third cousins with Ringrande Oyugock. She’s another woman with true beauty thanks to her bloodline which gives her an amazing figure and exposure to activities that defined slender frame.

                                                                      She has noticeably large bust and a curvaceous figure. Her pale skin combined with her enchanting blue eyes and flowing wavy red hair make her seem like a beauty of a goddess. She’s also good at combat thanks to her background which helped her define a great and sexy body.

                                                                      Overall, she’s another woman of true beauty possessing a body flaming with hotness.

                                                                      44.Sera Oyugock

                                                                        Anime: Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody


                                                                        Sera Oyugock is a daughter of the Oyugock family. Being in the bloodline of two other beauties, it is no doubt that Sera is also another girl with true beauty. She’s a considerably beautiful girl who has a pure and innocent beauty of her own. Her white hair and dress just makes her look pure. She has a well-defined facial structure and body figure despite only being 15 years old. Her bust are considerably and noticeably large for her age and her figure just makes her look like a mature woman.

                                                                        Overall, her beauty is also beyond compare like her blood relatives. She’s a different kind of hot thanks to her white hair and calm looking figure.

                                                                        45.Zena Marientail

                                                                          Anime: Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody


                                                                          Zena Marientail is a magic soldier belonging in the noble class. Though her family are nobles, they are of the lowest ranks, with only humble riches and lack of status in governmental politics.

                                                                          Being a soldier, she is exposed to many physical activities that defined her slender body figure. She’s a beautiful woman with a slender body, azure eyes, and long straight bob hair. Her bust isn’t considerably large but it isn’t flat either although she is teased for having a flat-chest. She’s a plainly cute and charmingly beautiful girl.

                                                                          Overall, she’s a pure and beautiful woman disregarding sex appeal but more oriented in real and genuine charm. As she belongs in a humble noble family, her personality is also reflected onto her family.


                                                                            Anime: Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody


                                                                            Aze is one of the eight high elves of Boruenan Forest. She’s a pure maiden with a beauty of a 20 year old despite having lived for hundreds of million years thanks to her elf background. She has blue eyes and light blonde hair. Her lips are thin and her nose isn’t too high that preserves her beauty of being a maiden inspired by Asian culture.

                                                                            Appearance-wise she definitely looks like a goddess because of her mythical quality. She also has a well-defined body structure showing a considerable size of bust beneath her clothing. She’s another one of those women who are considered “waifu material” thanks to her adorable personality and appearance.


                                                                              Anime: Beatless


                                                                              Lacia is a humanoid Interface ElementType-005 or hIE for short. She appears as a girl with billowing purple and bluish hair.

                                                                              There’s not much to describe about her as of now except that she’s really hot in her outfit. Her outfit features a futuristic look and exposes a little bit of skin in the sexy parts of her. Her desaturated colors for hair and eyes that make her look enchantingly beautiful. Her body is well defined giving her a thin but slender and proportionate figure which makes her look very hot.

                                                                              Overall, even though she’s an hIE, it’s interesting how the she propels the story with her character and personality.


                                                                                Anime: Beatless


                                                                                Like Lacia, Methode is another hIE. There’s not much to describe about Methode as of now but she definitely is one of the hottest anime characters this year. Her skintight bodysuit emphasizes her prominent figures despite being average with bust and buttocks.

                                                                                Her golden blonde hair with a tint of red runs along until her waist. Her figure seems to be slender and fit which makes her head and body proportionate with each other. Her eyes are enchantingly red which definitely fits her futuristic look.

                                                                                Overall, she has an interesting look and definitely one of the hottest characters in the anime despite the lacking features in the primary sources of sexual appeal. Her suit still provides a huge sex appeal even without the bust and buttocks.

                                                                                49.Siluca Meletes

                                                                                  Anime: Grancrest Senki


                                                                                  Siluca Meletes is charming young woman with blonde hair and purple eyes. From first impression, her physique is easily well-defined as she exposes most of her skin and showcases well-defined muscles. Her more prominent features that show her sex appeal are her shoulders and abs.

                                                                                  She’s an interesting character with an equally interesting personality. She’s well balanced among all areas but she is still one of the most beautiful women in anime this 2018. She’s also a powerful mage.

                                                                                  Overall, Siluca is definitely charming in her own aspects. She doesn’t beg too much for sexual appeal to make herself hot. She compensates for her charm and real beauty.


                                                                                    Anime: Grancrest Senki


                                                                                    Aishela is definitely by far one of the hottest characters in Grancrest Senki. Just looking at her sex appeal, she definitely goes over the roof. She’s another one of those female characters who are a complete badass.

                                                                                    She has red eyes and sharp facial features that make her serious hottie. She has long flowing hair that goes down to her waste. Her attire is also exposes a lot of skin that makes her show her well-defined slender and curvaceous body figure. Her bust is also noticeably very large.

                                                                                    Her personality is equally as good as her overly hot figure. She’s an awesome ally and has a ton of hot moments in the anime. She also has adorable times that’ll just make you want to love her.

                                                                                    Overall, she’s a great character in terms of appearance and personality. She’s also unique because you don’t really see anyone with a supporting role that’s executed that well.

                                                                                    Thank you for reading this list. If you are interested in watching any of them or keeping up-to-date with all the latest anime titles. Check out this list of The Best Anime Streaming Websites in order to give yourself your preference for the best anime experience.

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                                                                                    You should have put Akeno and Rias first with such super large


                                                                                    Where is Yukino Yukinoshita and Isshiki Iroha?
                                                                                    A lot of girls that should be up there but isnt


                                                                                    Albedo all the way! Permit me to say that I hardly watch anime videos she didn’t feature. Her fierce look and braveness in battle fields make me want to watch all her anime videos.

                                                                                    Martins Brown

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