What is this Ahegao face trend all about?

Every anime fan, hardcore otaku, or just creepy guys on the internet know about this.

Most fans would recognize the face somewhere may not be able to name what this genre is all about. Creepy guys on the internet definitely know about this genre because of its undeniable orientation to sex.


What is Ahegao?

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If you’ve never even heard of the term Ahegao before, let me enlighten you with some knowledge about the origin of this strange yet weirdly appealing Japanese culture for a bit.


Using structural analysis on the word “Ahegao”, the word “Ahe” comes from the Japanese onomatopoeia of “Aheahe” which describes a female’s moaning in sex or sexual excitement. The word “Gao” means face. To sum it up, it perfectly represents what this ahegao face is all about; sex, pleasure, hentai, etc.

The Ahegao face can be described as a person(usually female) showing intense signs of being sexually excited or satisfied with iconic features such as rolled-up eyes, stuck-out tongue, and usually wet in the face with different kinds of fluids like tears, snot, drool, semen, saliva, sweat, or just water. When ahegaos are featured in media, the females are usually always letting out ridiculous moans.

Ahegao was incorporated in many styles of art to portray sex as early as 1980s. It is not confirmed what specific year ahegao was created in snowballed to today. It is for certain, however, that ahegao could have already been incorporated in even very early erotic Japanese artstyles and was just later classified as such.

Impacts of Ahegao


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Ahegao is popularized by hentai and different kinds of fetishes emerged from hentai which includes ahegao of course. This genre has definitely attracted a huge amount of people from creeps on the internet to even just kinky individuals. The birth of ahegao has gave birth to many different types and forms of media and communities that don’t necessarily enrich the anime industry but certainly gives it a lot more variety. These fetishes are a real test of creativity and kinkiness. Ahegao has created this sort of intense and masochistic oriented type of pleasure which could be appealing to certain types of audiences.

Weird purposes.

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Ahegao is even utilized by many anime titles not to induce the feeling of sex necessarily but rather for comedy. Using sex as a medium for comedy is very impressive even for anime. Ahegao’s birth has been utilized to portray and execute scenes in anime with more impact. Rather than just for the purpose of sex, ahegao opens new doors to portraying different characters that cannot be achieved without ahegao and executing scenes in a unique way.

Communities that bring people together.

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As mentioned before, Ahegao has also gave birth to different communities of people that appreciate this genre. Sites like reddit have one of the most handful of communities that serve for multiple strange and ridiculous purposes like ahegao. Of course, most of these communities are all mostly composed of weird and creepy men. Also take note that most of these online communities are composed of content that are definitely not safe for work.


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Different kinds of memes have also emerged thanks to ahegao. Most of them are overly hilarious and the others are probably just what you usually call “shitposting”. Of course, every meme has their desperation to gather more audience. The great thing about memes are that they make you realize how something could be turned into something that you never even thought about before. Ahegao in memes show how creative the internet can get with these limited contexts to form hilariously relatable sources of humor.

Relevance of Ahegao

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Ahegao has probably the largest popularity in the otaku community and the online community. Most otakus probably don’t recognize the name of this genre but rather how it looks because of its notorious appearances in many anime titles that have greatly shaped the culture of Japanese ero mangas and their sex industry.

Artists all over the world are also most probably aware of this genre. Sites like Pixiv and DeviantArt are one of the largest communities for artists if not the largest and they contain more than 900+ artworks tagged with #ahegao. The online community has recognized ahegao and has more often used its original Japanese name. There are of course other names for ahegao that emerged like “Fucked Silly Face” or “Mind Break Face”. These names are also similarly used as tags in sites like Deviant Art, Tumblr, and other community reliant sites.

Since Ahegao is notoriously used for purposes like hentai. Most Japanese ero manga covers always have an ahegao on them which easily gives a message to the audience about the context of the manga. It’s also tactically making use of the concept “sex sells” to drive manga sales using the feelings related to sex.


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To conclude this very long post,  I have basically over-glorified what Ahegao is. It is definitely nice to get in touch with this genre and wonder into its beauty despite its shallow purpose. It is pretty much undeniable that its primary purpose is just for sex. It’s weirdly appealing and definitely one of the most ridiculous trends in the internet that has made a way into people’s fetishes. Ahegao has made a huge reputation all over the internet for its iconic facial expression and fluids all over the face. This relevance has gave birth to many different communities and other forms of media for not enriching but rather making more variety into the culture of the already weird Japanese culture. Not to say that Japan has a weird culture in a bad way. Japan has always never disappointed us with their iconic creations for weird and ridiculous yet full of humor visuals. Advertisements and these genres are only the tip of the ice berg for Japan. This really shows the richness of Japan’s creativity in terms of art and connecting with the world despite being in such a small part of the world.

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