Car 3D Illusion LED Lamp

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What is the 3D Illusion LED Lamp?

The best quality 3D Lamp you can find in the market. It can be seen as a gleaming white 3D Lamp from afar. Shaped with the best technological features, the 3D Optical Illusion Lamp radiates light in a mesmerizing 3D shape that fuel the cognitive and critical mind. It creates a stereoscopic effect, a laser sculpting that transmits more than 98% light to the head of the 3D Illusion LED Lamp.

What can you use the 3D Illusion LED Lamp for?

An upgrade to your home, office, or workspace. The 3D Illusion LED Lamp can be placed practically anywhere and it will definitely be the center of attention. It’s mesmerizing light and 3D shape will be an eye candy for everyone and will surely spice up any room it’s placed on. It’s a total statement piece in any room, home or office and the LED light is as energy efficient as it’s beautiful.


The 3D Illusion LED Lamp assures 50,000 hours of bright light to keep that eye candy standing out especially in darker settings.

  • Also Includes an energy efficient LED strip (Saving energy)
  • Clean Touch button for turning on and off
  • Ability to change colors
  • Automatic color changing mode
  • Never overheats
  • Easily turns on/off w/ the handy power switch on the plug-in cord
  • Usable in both the US & EU w/ included adapter makes
  • Extraordinary Gift for your demographics of all ages
  • Great addition to any home or office

The 3D Illusion LED Lamp is available in 7 color modes: White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Cyan, and Pink.


  • Power consumer: 0.012kw.h/24 hours
  • LED Life: up to 50,000 hours
  • 3D Illusion Plate Only 4mm thick
  • Warranty available (Ask the agent for more info)
  • Dimensions: 5.3"L x 7.12"W x 2.5"H

What's in the box?

  • 3D Lamp Plat base
  • Power USB Cord
  • Lamp Base
  • Gift Box

The 3D Illusion LED Lamp is a very trendy and awesome way to spice up any areas in your home or workspace. This is one of the best modern and futuristic home décor designs and you will definitely want to add to your collection of decoration. With its quality and specifications specially crafted to its best, you can assure yourself for its great quality.

The 3D Illusion LED Lamp is also considerate of energy consumption so it is specially optimized to combine its powerful mesmerizing capability while also not wasting energy

A special note to otakus

The 3D Illusion LED Lamp is going to be a great addition to your rooms with its unique style and modernized look. It can definitely heighten any room’s mood with this special anime/comic structure while still preserving a modern and technological look.